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1st part of new story will be posted in an hour!

09/27/2010 20:23
Letting everyone know that there will be the first part of a new story on the site in about an hour! Stay tuned for follow up blog announcing the new story!  Mistress Sophia DeSade XOXOXO

The poll is in!

09/26/2010 22:41
The weekly poll is in! 50% prefer to be dominate and 50% prefer to be submissive during sex... And here I thought that there would be more dominate people out there. I guess alot of people like to switch it up, which is good. When you go to the website, you will see a new poll up so make sure you...

I wanted to know......

09/26/2010 20:21
I had a question for all my readers. Currently I do have a story written that is a follow up from the story "Did She Order A Naked Chef?". Since curiousity killed the cat and I feel daring tonite, I wanted to know how many of my readers would like to read the follow up? if you do, just leave...

REMINDER! New story is available! "The Beauty In The Window"

09/26/2010 19:15
Good evening, my Erotica addicted peasants... Hahaha... I apologize for being in a palyful mood. Wait, no I don't apologize, you are just gonna have to like it! :) Just wanted to remind everyone that there is a new story available in the portfolio called "The Beauty In The Window" I don't know what...

FRESH NEW STORY !"The Beauty In The Window" is available now!

09/25/2010 20:41
New story is posted in the portfolio as promised, you addicts! Hahaha.. I am also considering a newsletter. If anyone is interested, please email me with your email address @ The newsletter would be weekly, sent out on Friday nights with steamy tidbits into the insight...

Hello there!

09/25/2010 19:48
Just wanted to tell everyone "Hello" and let you all know that I will be posting another story on the site tonight, for your enjoyment. The story is called "The beauty in the window" and will be available shortly. Check back in about a half an hour! Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and...

"Bedtime Stories" Episode from my BlogTalkRadio Show is available now!!

09/24/2010 22:43
The newest episode from BlogTalkRadio called "Bedtime Stories" is now available! Come check it out. This is a story that definitely will NOT put you to sleep. I also would like to report that I have had over 1200 hits on the site. Keep them coming and tell everyone about the great Erotica that can...

AVIALABLE NOW!! ENDING OF THE STORY "Did she order a naked chef?"

09/24/2010 21:24
Good Evening! The ending is finally here after 3 days of waiting! Go to the portfolio and check out the ending of the story "Did she order a naked chef?". Hope everyone enjoys it!  Mistress Sophia DeSade XOXOXO

"Did she order a naked chef?".. 2nd part is available!!!!!

09/23/2010 22:16
The second part of "Did she order a naked chef" is available in the portfolio section of my site. So if you are wondering how the story will unfold, go check it out. I will be posting the ending tomorrow night. In reading the first half, I hope that all of you enjoy recieving the second half...

Good Evening Everyone!

09/22/2010 23:22
Sorry this is such a late post, but I have been working on alot of things this evening. I am happy to announce you all have broken the goal that I have set for Thursday to top 10,000 hits on my site. There officially has been 10,257 hits on the site for this evening! That is AWESOME! Thank you so...
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