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09/21/2010 21:31
Check out the site. There is a sample of a new story posted. It is called "Did she order a naked chef?" I hope that you enjoy the sample and I will be posting the rest of the story in pieces so stay tuned of when you get to read the other half!  I would also like to announce that there has...

The poll is in! And a new poll is up!

09/21/2010 21:11
The poll is in! 70% of my visitors like erotic short stories and 30% like erotic poetry! Thank you to everyone that participated in the poll. You will find another poll posted on the site, so log on and place your vote!  Mistress Sophia DeSade

Hello there my readers!

09/21/2010 19:18
Good evening everyone! I have exciting news to share. Looking at my Blog Talk Radio account, I have decided to do a weekly show that will be hosted on Friday evenings. So keep checking the website to be informed about the airtime. Also, there is a brand new story in my portfolio named "I crave you"...


09/20/2010 22:52
Brand new story written tonite is available!!! Check it out under my portfolio!

Good Evening!!

09/20/2010 22:20
Good evening everyone. I hope this note finds everyone in good spirits and a loving mood. Checking the stats tonite, I am proud to announce that there has been 8935 hits on the site and it looks like alot of people favor short stories over poetry. Since I enjoy writing both, I am sure that I...

NEW STORY POSTED! "Master's Punishment"!!!! CHECK IT OUT

09/19/2010 20:52
Being in a good mood this evening, I have decided to treat you all to another story. It can be found in my portfolio under "Master's Punishment". It is a little different from what I normally write, but I hope that you enjoy it. If you would like, leave feedback on the story and what you have...

The other half of "Bad boys need punishment" is posted!!!!

09/19/2010 20:32
Just wanted to let everyone know that the other half of "Bad boys need punishment" is posted on the site! Go under my portfolio and you will find it. Hope everyone ejoys it as much as I have writing it!!

Changes to the website

09/18/2010 22:46
Just wanted to let everyone know that there will be changes to the website here in the next few days. Nothing big, subtle changes that don't effect my stories or poetry. I will be switching the boring header pic out with one that is more my style..haha. I hope everyone is having a good night and...


09/18/2010 18:59
There is a sample of a new short story posted on my site. It is called "Bad boys need punishment" and I am sure that you all will like it. So check it out and keep posted for the other half sometime next week! :)

First Episode available from Blog talk Radio

09/17/2010 22:59
My first episode on Blog Talk Radio is now available!!!!! Click on to check it out. It is under the Archives tab! I was a little shy, but I think that you will like it. Next time tune in with me to listen live.... I will post the time and date...
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