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Blog Talk Radio is set up!

09/17/2010 21:17
My blog talk radio account is set up...!!!! I will be scheduling a show probably this evening, so stay tuned and check it out! Not quite sure what the first show will be about but I am sure that you will like it. Also, I am SO excited to...

WATCH OUT! Blog talk radio is coming!

09/17/2010 19:55
Some really exciting news. I am opening an account with to host my own radio show, so I can read my stories and poetry to you as well! Keep checking the blog for updates on when a story is available on my radio show, so you can hear my "sexy" voice... Hahahaha.. Love you...

New short story posted!!

09/17/2010 19:09
There is a NEW erotic short story posted on my page! Go and check it out. I hope this note finds everyone in good spirits. Thank you Steffi for allowing me to post something so personal on my site. Kisses to you... As for everyone else, any requests you have for stories that you would like to see,...

Mistress Sophia DeSade has spoken...

09/16/2010 21:52
Good evening, everyone. Just wanted to tell everyone good night after a long day. Edited a little more of the book on my laptop and slowly but surely getting somewhere. Will write another story this weekend and will post a sample of it by Sun night to give all of you a taste of what is running...

Hits on the website!

09/15/2010 21:04
Great News!!! There has been 3650 hits so far on my site! All of you are awesome! I would like to have 4500 by weeks end, so tell everyone about the great Erotica that can be found here. Also, stop by and sign my guestbook! Signing off with kisses.. Mistress Sophia DeSade

New Story!

09/15/2010 19:26
Good Evening! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have posted a new story on my site this evening. Log onto, and tell me what you think. In checking the site ealier I have had new visitors and I am so excited to see that you like what you see. The book...

Good Evening!

09/14/2010 18:00
Good Evening everyone! I am so excited to see that there has been 3268 hits on my site!!!! Had a busy day at work today but will be working on my stories tonite, editing them and changing some things around. In recieving an email from Paul (CCB Publishing) I am so stoked about getting back to work...

Good afternoon!

09/12/2010 12:15
Well, my head is spinning today with so many different ideas for some more stories. I really need to start carrying a notebook and pen with me everywhere I go, since I get inspired easily. Well, I have some more things to do, so I will write more later!


09/12/2010 01:29
Mistress Sophia DeSade is hosting a weekly Blog Talk Radio Show! Stay tuned for showtimes! The show will always air on Friday nights, so mark your calendar. Watch out for current blog posts for the call in number to listen live!!  Listen to me read my stories and poetry by phone...

First blog

09/12/2010 01:28
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.
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