1st part of "Have A Seat, My Love" is posted!!!

09/27/2010 21:17

1st part of the story "Have A Seat, My Love" is posted for all you Erotica addicted people. I hope that you enjoy it. Maybe it will give you ladies some ideas on something new to try in the bedroom.. Hahaha... Please, make sure that you sign the guestbook and feel free to leave some feedback on any of the stories you have read. It would be nice to hear from my readers on what they think and what there favorite stories are. And make sure to tell everyone about the great "bedtime stories" that can be found here! Also, a BIG thank you to all my readers, the site has jumped to 14,692 hits as of 9 pm CST! You ALL are awesome! Kisses...
Mistress Sophia DeSade