FOLLOW UP STORY "Naked Chef Returns The Favor" is now available!!

09/30/2010 18:23

The follow up story from "Did She Order A Naked Chef" titled "Naked Chef Returns The Favor" is now available in my portfolio! Hope you enjoy this evenings "bedtime story". Also, EXCITING NEWS.. There has been 15561 hits on my site since the launch, as we are starting a new month tomorrow. I know that I have alot of readers in the United States (I knew you all were closet freaks!! Hahaha) but I do have to say "Hi" to the Czech Republic for being in second place for the most viewings of my site! I knew there was a reason why I loved Prague!!! (Actually yes it is my FAVORITE place and I would like to go back someday). So if you are out of the country, please leave a comment on my guestbook! Make yourself heard!!! I would love to hear from my readers.
Mistress Sophia DeSade