Have A Seat, My Love


She meets him at the door, when he arrives home after a long day in the restaurant's kitchen. Greeting him with a smile, she slips off his coat and his shoes.

She whispers in his ear, "Trust me" and leads him to the bathroom, where his bath is already drawn and waiting for him. She slides off his clothes to reveal a slim, lean body. He sits down and lets the warm water surround him.

Grabbing a sponge, she starts pouring water down his back and over his shoulders. He leans back in the tub and enjoys her touch, gentle and tender. She proceeds to wash his chest and arms while he relaxes. Motioning him to stand up, she soaps him up from head to toe. Guiding him back down she rinses him off and gently washes his long hair.

Their eyes meet as she rinses the soap out of his hair. She gently kisses him on his forehead, cradling him as she does so. After she dries him off, paying special attention to his growing cock, she leads him into the kitchen.

A chair has been placed in the middle of the room, with silk ties draped over the back. He wonders what she has in store for him, with a wide grin on his face. His back is facing her. She takes one silk tie from the back of the chair and binds his hands behind his back. He is not afraid, yet.

Motioning for him to sit down, she grabs another tie and he is squirming now. She leans forward, her breasts touching his chest and whispers in his ear once more "Trust me". The other tie is used to tie his upper body to the high wingback chair. Gently, she places a blindfold over his eyes, as her warm breath touches his ear. She takes a nibble from the side of his neck, playfully biting him.

Goosebumps now have begun to form across his skin, and he shivers under her sweet touch. She has placed herself kneeling in front of his bound, blindfolded body. Her eyes roam over her lover, so vulnerable, so exposed. She has produced a small cat-o-nine tail. He has always been afraid of them. Little does he know, that she doesn't use them the conventional way.

She takes the cat-o-nine tail and runs it across his chest. He pulls back, wondering what that was that touched him. He thinks his mind is playing tricks on him, since he can sense her kneeling in front of him. She grins as she runs it over his thigh and playfully takes it across his lap, making his cock stand at attention.

She rakes her nails on the inside of his thigh as she leans forward and takes another nibble at his neck. Running her finger over his lips, he becomes bold and takes his lover's finger and gives it a nibble back. She pulls her lover's head back, exposing the delicate skin around his neck. Playtime, she whispers to herself as she takes a lick. He has always loved when she nibbles on the side of his neck. She doesn't realize what sweet torment she is putting her lover's body through.

She makes a trail with her tongue, in the middle of his chest, down lower until she has reached his navel. 


He leans his head back as he enjoys the punishment she has chosen for him tonight. His body still bound, he strains against the binding around his hands and chest as she takes his cock into her warm, inviting mouth. He sucks in a breath as his head spins from the sweet torment that she is placing upon him.  

Her warm lips have completely encircled his big cock. She sneaks a hand down in between her legs to stroke herself. She has always been shy doing it in front of him, but now he can't see. She slides her lips up the shaft of his thick cock as he shudders in front of her. Her fingers easily slide over her clit as she sucks him off. Her pace is slightly more demanding since she can feel her own orgasm building.

Engulfing his cock with her sweet mouth he can feel precum dripping off the tip of his dick. He never knew that being tied to a chair and blindfolded could be this rewarding. His body bucks against her mouth as he is overcum with the first wave of his orgasm. He can feel her shuddering against his dick as she is sucking him off, drinking his cum.

Her body shudders with her own orgasm that has snuck up on her playing with herself, sucking him off. She has never felt so this in control, so free. Looking at her beloved, bound lover she leans forward and kisses him on the knee.

Standing up, she frees her lover of his bounds and blindfold. He stands up to cradle her body against his. Kissing his forehead, their eyes meet once again. This time he knows that he can let go and trust her.