I Crave You

Freshly shaved, she steps out of the shower and dries off. Climbing in the bed, she has relaxation on her mind. Her favorite blankie is nearby that she always likes to snuggle with. He is working late again as usual, so she decides to give herself a little playtime. She reaches for her favorite toy and lets it roam over her naked stomach, trailing over her pubic mound, finally reaching her clit. 
Arching her back under the sensation, she lets the vibrator trace small circles around her clit, over her pussy lips. One hand reaches for her breast, gently pulling her nipple, it rises under her touch. Goosebunps trail her body as she feels her pussy get wet. She leads the vibrator to her pussy and inserts it just a bit. With the tip in and the vibrator on a medium setting, she bucks into it, feeling the hardness inside her. 
Suddenly the bedroom door opens, and her eyes meet his with a blush of her face. Slightly embarassed, she stops what she was doing. It doesn't help her much, since her body and pussy are on fire now. He leans into her and places a deep, long kiss on her lips. Whispering in her ear, he tells her to continue what she was doing. Clothes are coming off, and he stretches across the bed to get a better look at her beautiful body. Naked, flushed and wet, she is so gorgeous. He encourages her to reach for her toy and show him what she was doing before he came home. Blushing, she shyly reaches for her vibrator and closes her eys as she guides it back into her sopping pussy.
Going deeper and at a higher setting, she grinds with it. His hand replaces her hand on her breasts, gently kneading them. He takes a nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his soft tongue. Gently sucking and biting, his hand roams to hers and he takes the vibrator and pushes it deep into her. Her body bucking, she is letting out soft screams now. Riding the length of her toy, he guides it in and out at a faster pace now. Fucking her deep and hard, making sure it brushes up against her clit as she rides it. He whispers in her ear " Come for me, my baby". She is screaming now, riding against the vibrator in his hand, fucking her hard and fast.
Gripping his chest as he leans over her to give her a deep kiss, her body convulses into a strong orgasm. Her whole body is shaking, he gently pulls out her vibrator out of her dripping wet post orgasm pussy. His hand brushes the hair out of her face, he places a soft kiss on her forehead. "You must have missed me", he says. "No", she replies. "I craved you", she says with a smile on her face.