Master's Punishment

Master is in the shower. His servant can hear the water running, wondering what his body looks like as the water trickles down the small of his back, over his ass. In a deviant and defiant mood, she grabs his small riding crop. Sneaking into the bathroom, dressed only in the collar Master has given her and the body she has been blessed with, she slips into the shower.

A sigh of relief, his back is turned to her and he has not noticed her slip in. Flicking the riding crop in her hand, she smacks his ass.

He cries out in pain as a devilish smile overcomes her. Grabbing her by the collar with one hand, and grapping her around the waist with the other, he twists her body where her back is facing him.

He enters her, roughly as she winces in pain. "I knew that one was coming", she thinks to herself. Master is the one that likes to GIVE punishments, not RECIEVE them. His strong arms wrapped tightly around her waist, he grinds deep and hard until he finds release deep inside his little, beautiful slave.

Crumbling to the shower floor she is in slight pain, but fulfilled.