My Inner Goddess

My inner goddess shall touch you in ways you have never imagined,

Naked flesh, round, soft features.

Touching the inside of your thigh,

Tracing upwards, towards your member.

It is standing at attention,

Waiting for what I am going to do next.

Shall I touch you?

Stroke you?

Suck you?

A warm tongue tracing your veins,

Thick and blue,

The head, oh so purple,

Straining against it's own skin.

Engulfing you, teasing you, swallowing you wole,

An arched back.

You grip the sheets,

A soft moans escapes your lips

A silent cry

As you are inside of me deeply,

Truly mine.

A volcano errupts,

Milky, creamy,

All mine.

I told you, my inner goddess shall touch you, tease you and truly please you.