My Lover's Stick

I gaze upon you while you are resting

Sensual, sexy and dirty thoughts infesting

My mind

Its standing

Waiting for a soft touch

It's head purple and swollen

Straining against its own skin

At attention

A soft lick covers the head

Oh how I am waiting to be fed

Its man juice

Creamy and thick

Oh God, how I love his dick

His shaft big and mighty

A moan escapes my lips

Licking the soft skin

I can feel his veins

Oh please just let me in

Into your world of pleasure

Lust I cannot measure

Overcomes me

As I suck

Feast upon you

Oh how I desire and worship you

Waiting for a dose of man medicine

Fulfill my waiting mouth

Oh how I love to go south

On you

The head touching the back of my throat

Oh I can't wait for you to soak

My lips, my mouth

With the juice of your manhood

It feels so naughty but oh so good

Nut are tightening

I can feel you cumming

A shot of man juice in my mouth

Oh how I love to go south

On your dick

With cum juice so thick

A tasty treat, a tasty snack

Oh yes, oh yes I will be back

To taste you once again.