Sensual Seduction


She kneels in front of her lover’s thighs, caressing them gently with her fingertips and tongue. Making her way up to the inside of her thighs with soft, teasing kisses, she hears her softly moan with pleasure. Taking her lover’s womanly lips into her mouth, she smells her soft scent. It is truly intoxicating. Rolling her clit with her tongue, she feels her lover bucking to great her tongue thrusts. Gently caressing her thighs, she licks sucks and nipples on her lovers honey pot. She can feel her own orgasm building, just watching her lover react to her loving attack on her pussy. 
Running her fingers through her wispy pussy hair, she nibbles on her clit. She can hear her lover’s moans growing into a pitch now and her hips moving more widely now. 
Reaching into her bag of little tricks that she brought, she pulls out a dildo. Nice size, but nothing too big to make her uncomfortable. She slides it into her pussy as she gently touches her asshole. Her lover doesn’t seem bothered by it, so she goes along with it and inserts a finger into her ass, as she fucks her pussy with the dildo. Her high pitches are turning into screams now as she is taken over the brink of a strong orgasm. Bucking against the dildo, she is screaming and shaking as her friend has finally brought her to a place that she longed to be.
Kissing her lover gently on the forehead, she caresses her post orgasm face.
She is so beautiful.
*This one's for you, Steffi* xoxoxox