The Mistress No More

She called herself a Mistress. The name gives her a sense of power, and she feels like a sensual Seductress when she slips into that role. Her name is really Lyn and she doesn't want the sense of power. 
Deep inside, she is the one that wants to be dominated. Fantasies run through her mind about being on the receiving end of domination. Submitting herself to one person, maybe even calling her/him Master/Mistress. She hasn't found that person yet, since she is scared of giving herself to someone without complete trust. So for now, Lyn is alone with her fantasies. In this particular one, Lyn is sitting on the edge of the bed, naked. Her Master is due home any minute. He has instructed her by phone to undress and wait for him. 
Blair walks in and heads straight for the bed. Her body starts shaking, waiting on what he is going to do next. Motioning for her to stand up, he takes her by the hand. She stands up and faces him. He is undressing, leisurely taking his clothes off. Standing naked infront of her, he grabs her by the back of the hair, without a word spoken. Blair's dick is standing at attention, with bulging veins and a deep purple head. Lyn falls to her knees, his pulsing cock just inches from her face. Hand still dug into the back of her hair, he guides her lucious mouth to his waiting dick, barking "Suck it!".
Wanting to please her Master, Lyn takes all of his length into her warm, wet mouth. Gently raking her teeth along as she swallows him whole. She builds up a medium pace, sucking his dick sloppily, making loud noises as she goes along. His swollen, purple tip is being sucked like a lollipop every time she goes up the shaft, and her tongue dances down the underside of his dick as she deep throats him. Blair has a hard grip on her hair, to the point that it is almost painful, but just almost. 
Suddenly, he yanks her to her feet. Pushing her onto the edge of the bed, feet dangeling off the end, he opens her thighs. Lynn is taken by suprise, since she is under the impression that a Master is not supposed to be that kind. Displayed before him is a beautiful pussy, bald and wet. Her pussy lips are flushed and moist. Her legs are bent at the knee and she is gripping the burgundy comforter, and he hasn't even touched her yet. 
Blair gets on his knees, hooking his arms underneath her soft, firm thighs. He starts by slowly taking each pussy lip into his mouth, sucking on each gently. Moving up, he decides to run his tongue lightly over her clit. Lyn's body shudders and she arches her back. *TO BE CONTINUED* 
Master has now taken her clit into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it and taking a nibble. She moans with contentment. Pussy juice glistens on his face as he continues to lap her juices, sucking on her clit.
He believes she has had enough of displays of kindness.
Roughly, he brakes the intimate embrace. Grabbing her by the ankles, he bends her knees, her feet resting on his chest. Blair produces a collar, which he tells her to put on. Not wanting to disobey, for fear of punishment, she quickly fastens it around her neck. The collar will come in handy later.

Lyn is laid out infront of her Master, feet on his chest and collared. Just like he likes her. He decides to tease her with his big, fat cock by just pushing the tip into her sopping, wet cunt. She wants him fully inside her in a bad way, but knows she is playing by HIS rules. His hips grinding in slow circles as still only his purple, swollen tip is inside her warm, juicy pussy. He is mercifully teasing her, knowing she wants more. Blair grabs her ankles and spreads her legs wide, so he can enter her deep.
With one quick thrust, he has his big, stiff dick in her hot, dripping hole. Her body shudders and her mouth lets out a scream. Blair picks up his leisurely pace from earlier, , not wanting to tease her but give her a balls on ass slapping fuck. Going deep with every thrust into her sopping cunt, she lets out a cry. Fucking her hard and deep, his balls slap up against her ass crack, adding to the excitement. Blair is holding back, not wanting to cum just yet. Still giving it to her hard, she reaches down to play with her clit as she gets her brains fucked out. Her fingers find her hot spot and she gasps out as she finds her clit engorged and slippery with fuck juice.
Circling her clit with her fingers, Lyn starts screaming in her throws of orgasm as his balls are still smacking against her gorgeous, plump ass. Her cries start getting hoarse as her body still convulses. Putting her legs down, Blair reaches for Lyn's hips to turn her onto her stomach. She is still breathless at this point. He lays her on her stomach and raises her hips to enter her from behind. In a motion that is completely unexpected, Blair reaches for the back of her collar. As he buries his cock, still dripping from cum juice, he yanks her head back by the collar, putting gentle pressure on her throat. He takes deep, slow strokes, being careful with his hand looped into her collar.
Lyn's juices are flowing freely over his stiff dick, as she loves a little air constriction as she gets fucked from behind. Her screams are coming out as cut off cries, since every time he thrusts into her, he is pulling on the collar. Fucking her with steady strokes, he goes in deep and hard, with one hand on her hip.
Blair grabs the collar more tightly now and his nails are digging into the side of her hip. Breath is coming short now, associated with deep growls, as he reaches down to play with her clit. His fingers glide in circles over her knub, applying gentle pressure. Lyn's skin is flushed in a deep pink, sweat glistening on the small of her back.


He lays into her, giving his cock to her with fast, deep strokes. His hand still firmly on the collar. Suddenly her stiff cries turn into high pitch screams, being cut off by air restriction. Her body collapses and starts convulsing in an intense orgasm. Lyn's orgasm triggers his own, as he buries his swollen, stiff dick in her pussy, that is still spasming. His load shoots deep inside her, spilling over the inside walls of her cunt. 
In another act of kindness, he releases the collar from her neck and takes her still shaking body into his arms and holds her. Kissing her forehead, he says "Good girl", with a smile.