Did She Order A Naked Chef?

This story plays out inside a restaurant (yes I know it is odd, you should expect that from me now).

The restaurant happens to be a well known place for people that live in this city. It is decorated beautifully in artisan paintings, oriental lighting and bamboo. There is a large fish tank in the front entrance that almost engulfs the room. The seating is traditionally low, as you will find in true Asian restaurants with comfortable, bright seat cushions carefully placed on the floor around heavy tables.
But this is not the room where the story shall unfold.

*Motioning for you to come with me into the kitchen*Opening the double doors leading to the kitchen, you will find normal kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans and in this case, woks. It is big and well lit, to make sure the chefs are able to have adequate lighting while preparing their masterpieces in food. This case my favorite. Sushi. There is one chef that has caught her eye for a long time now. She hasn’t figured out how to get close to him (even though she already feels deeply for him). A while ago, she noticed that he has taken a liking to her, winking as he brings her her food and the fleeted smile as he walks by. She knows that he is normally in the kitchen by himself late in the evenings, cleaning after everyone has left. His boss trusts him to take care of things over the years. Walking into the restaurant, she has seated herself near the double doors of the kitchen, in view of her passions eye. She has carefully dressed herself for this evening, not knowing what might become of it. Underneath her skirt she is wearing a black lace garter with silk stockings, her new heels that she has treated herself to today. A lacy, black bra cradles her full breasts with a hint of jasmine perfume.
She orders her usual, California rolls with ginger roots on the side and waits for the man that has captured her heart. The double doors swing open to reveal the sushi chef of the restaurant. Beautiful deep brown eyes, hair in a neat ponytail trailing down his back, full, sensual lips with a gorgeous smile. He brings her the order (even though she is not hungry), and a smile comes across his lips as their eyes met. Their hands touch as she adjusts the plate set down in front of her.


Eating her food, she derives a plan to slip in the kitchen when everyone else leaves (yeah, it WILL work...patience). Nursing her sake, she watches as the restaurant slowly clears out. Just a few couples left finishing their drinks. Her plan is falling into place. The last patron is leaving, she smiles to herself. Taking a sip of her sake, she quietly slips through the double doors. She sees that "her" chef is cleaning up the kitchen, washing a wok over the sink. Hiding behind a stainless steel kitchen rack, she watches his every move. His hands glide over the counter tops as he is giving them the cleanup of the evening. He looks tired, since he works split shift every day but Thursdays. She has figured out that that is his day off, since he is never in the restaurant when she comes in on Thursday.
Making her move, she positions herself, leaning against the heavy wood table placed in the middle of the kitchen (the prep area). His ears caught a sound as he turns around and sees her smiling at him from across the room. Their eyes meet and he knows why she is there, and she knows why his lips display a beautiful, shy smile.His chef top is unbuttoned, since it gets hot in the kitchen and everyone is gone. No, that is not standard attire for a chef his size. But what the hell.
He walks over to the middle of the room, where she is standing. They do not speak. Placing his hand behind her neck, he leans down and puts a gentle, sensual kiss on her lips, weakening her knees. She has waited for this kiss for so long. Her hand slips in between his open smock, caressing his chest as they are locked in a deep kiss. Slipping further, her hand glides down to his waistband of his pants. Breaking the kiss, she gives him a devious smile as she opens the top button of his pants. Pulling the zipper down, she lets her hand move towards the back to slide his pants down to the floor.

He grins as he has figured out her intent. Slipping out of his shoes, he steps out of his pants. Standing before her, no pants, open chef top and a smile on his beautiful face. She motions for him to trade places with her, leaning up against the heavy wood table.
He places his hands on the edge of the table as he braces himself for what is about to come. She nuzzles on the side of his neck, feeling his member grow against her hand. Trailing her tongue over the middle of his chest, following his pleasure trail and raking gently with her nails. She sees goose bumps forming on his lean, muscular body. Kneeling down before him, she looks up at him, biting her lip. Savoring the moment she brushes her face against his manhood. She takes the tip of him into her warm mouth, slowly. He breathes in deeply, her touching his core. Her tongue traces his manhood down to the base and up again. Flicking her tongue over the tip, he throws his head back in disbelieve. His mind is running circles right now, her not knowing how long he has waited for this.
His hand is resting on the back of her head as he enjoys the heat of the moment. Her lips engulf him once again from the tip to his base. The rhythm has been established at a slow, sensual pace so he can see her working magic on him. She is still kneeling in front of him, her hands wandering up the inside of his thighs, caressing him. Her pace has picked up now, her tongue playfully circling his dick. His hand helps along as he caresses himself, as she engulfs him once more.He throws his head back as he feels his orgasm overcome him. Swallowing every bit of cum, she looks up at him in his throws.
A smile brushes over her face and she knows that she is in heaven with him. He helps her up, whispering "it is your turn" in her ear......