Naked Chef Returns The Favor


Once again, she is sitting at the table closest to the double doors leading into the kitchen. Sipping on sake, she has ordered her usual California Rolls prepared by the sushi chef-her chef. Smiling to herself, she remembers what happened the last time she was here. Never in her life has she been that bold-Just taking what she wanted.

His body chiseled like a God and oh my, just thinking about his manhood makes her pussy tingle. Patiently she waits for her food. Again she has taken great care in dressing herself tonight. This time she has left her bra and panties at home. A hint of jasmine perfume trails between her breasts, over her tummy and in between her legs. A short jeans skirt hugs her ass and caresses her hips.

The double doors swing open and "her" chef approaches her table with a sly grin. Little does she know he has placed a note underneath her plate? He slides the dish in front of her, blowing her a kiss and disappears through the double doors. Perplexed, she stares at her food. A piece of paper is discovered and pulled out.

Smiling to herself, pussy tingling she starts to eat her food. Wonder what he has up his sleeve, she grins. Taking a sip of her sake, she remembers the last time they were in the kitchen. His full lips, beautiful brown eyes, gentle hands. She trails her finger between the creases of her breasts, taking another sip of her sake. Trembling, she waits for 11pm to arrive.

Most of the patrons have left for the evening. He is probably in the kitchen straightening up, as she slips thru the double doors. She sneaks past the pot rack. He is standing in front of the heavy wood table-where they met the last time.

His chef coat is unbuttoned, showing off his muscular chest. He folds his hands in his lap, smiles and leans back. Biting on his lip, he motions for her to come over. Knowing what is to come, she stands in front of him with a smile. He grabs her by the waist and lifts her up onto the heavy wood table in the middle of the kitchen.