Submit yourself to me




Lay down before me

In your birthday suit

Submit yourself to me

What do you have to lose

Give yourself to me

As I give myself to you

I offer you my body

You should show me what you can do

I want to caress you

Lick you

Suck you

Touch you

Please you

Tease you

Offer yourself to me

Not just your mind

I want your dick

Your lips

Your fuck

I want to make you mine

Sprawled out before me

I say fuck the begging game

I shall ask no longer

If it is you who I shall tame

I TAKE you

Your lips

Your dick

You’re all

And leave you spent

You the one begging for more

For I will not offer myself to you

I am a queen

You shall show me that you want me

How you want to see me cream


Conquer me

Make me yours

Until my love juice spills out of my pores

Now that you have ravaged me

And taken my lips

My pussy

My all