The Beauty In The Window

She hears the phone ringing, waking her up from a deep sleep. Picking up the phone, she realizes that it is her Master..

The phone call provides her with instructions and directions to a place on the other side of town.

Slipping into her little black dress, she has followed Master's instructions. "No panties, no bra and 4 inch patent leather heels".

Her mind wanders as she makes the drive across town, to the first time that she submitted herself to him. It has been a whirl wind and still hard for her to get used to. To the whole Master-Slave thing, that is. Pulling up to the club that he mentioned on the phone, the windows catch her eye. The windows are bay windows-from the floor to the ceiling. Wonder what Master has in mind, she says to herself as she climbs the stairs.

Master is sitting in the corner of this packed nightclub, legs spread with a with a grin on his face. His eyes meet hers as she moves across the floor to get to him. Kneeling in front of him, she puts her head in his lap showing him that she is surrendering herself to her Master. Standing now, Master guides her to stand up and follow him. Master picks a spot right in front of the beautiful windows. Grinning, he motions her to get on her knees and suck him off.

Pulling his dick out, she notices that she can see the street below from the window. Smiling, she has caught on to his little plan. Kneeling, she takes his cock in her warm and inviting mouth. One hand is raking lightly up his leg while the other playfully runs her fingers through his kinky pubic hair. Her tongue flicks the underside of his big dick.

His moans are becoming louder. Pulling her up to meet him at eye level, he spins her around so that she is facing the street that you can see from the window. Her dress gets pulled up. His hand reaches to grab and stroke her firm tits. Her hands are on the glass, bracing herself as Master enters her. He places his hand on the small of her back as he strokes her slowly and long. She smiles, as she sees her own reflection. Her flushed face, tits dangling and his arm wrapped around her small waist.

Master's pace picks up now. He has always wanted to give people a show. He fucks her hard, her tits hitting the window with each thrust. Master reaches down to play with her clit. He is pumping now, feeling himself get closer to the brink. Her pussy is sopping wet now as he fucks her with all he has. She lets out a scream unlike anything ever heard before. Her body trembles as he strokes her one last time, granting himself release. He leans and places his chin in the crook of her neck.

They can hear clapping coming from the street below and the people around them. "Great show", Master thinks to himself. Their eyes meet and she knows that she is no longer needed.

Quietly as she came, she slips out....